Joan's Platform


As a Sauk Valley Community College Trustee and member of the Sauk Valley Community College Foundation, Joan has long been an advocate for local public education at all levels, particularly in underserved communities like the 71st District.  Joan believes that we need to continue to reform our school funding formula so that students in our area of the state have access to the same opportunities other students do.  Investing in our children’s future starts with a solid education. Joan understands that for our children to be successful, they must have the proper resources, tools, and staff in our local public schools. She will work hard to help students in the 71st district overcome barriers, working to expand career and workforce opportunities through college, trade schools, and certificate programs.  

Social Services:

Joan Padilla has always put service to others above all else.  As the Executive Director of Home of Hope Cancer Wellness Center, she has dedicated her life to caring and advocating for others.  That’s why she is deeply concerned about the social service cuts that have devastated Illinois under the Rauner administration. Joan is focused on protecting our most vulnerable population, and these programs bring much help to those people in the 71st district. Our social services strengthen our communities, and they deserve a hard-working spokesperson in Springfield. When they succeed, Illinois succeeds! 

Economic Development:

Increasing jobs opportunities within the district will enhance the quality of life in our communities and fortify the middle class. Encouraging our youth to invest their skills, talent, and education into the 71st District is essential to building a sound future  for our children and this area.  


Joan grew up in a middle class household that benefited from her father being part of a union. Her husband is a member of IEA, and Joan has walked on the picket lines with him and dozens of other teachers during the DPS 170 strike. She will fight to protect Prevailing Wage and prevent Right-To-Work legislation from being passed.

Fiscal Accountability:

Joan, as mother of four, grandmother, and Executive Director, understands the concept of fiscal accountability. She is dedicated to providing a voice to the constituents of the 71st District. Her background in nonprofit management, where resources are scarce, taught her how to make do with less and still meet the needs of her community.  She knows how to make a dollar stretch to make sure that everyone gets the care they need, and she’ll take that common-sense approach to Springfield.