We deserve a representative who will vote to grow the district. 

Why I'm Running

I'm running for state representative to grow the district. 

Too many families here in Northwestern Illinois face spiraling college tuition costs that saddle students and their families with mountains of student debt. Too much uncertainty exists about whether we can revive the manufacturing economy that has been a strength in the 71st District. Skyrocketing health care and pharmaceutical drug costs force seniors, and families, to cut corners on their health care. 

Rep. McCombie voted against the minimum wage, a bill that will lift up so many who work hard  and just want an opportunity for a better quality of life.

She voted against the capital bill that will create hundreds of new jobs, jobs that pay a livable wage.

Major capital bills only come along once in a decade or so. When you're a state representative, or a state senator, you may have a chance to support a major capital bill once - maybe twice - during your public service in Springfield.  You have a choice:  yes or no. 

Rep. McCombie voted against a Bipartisan Budget. A budget that Injects critical funding in education, and expands MAP grants for more students to get their education and training right here in Illinois. 

The 71st District deserves better. This district deserves a representative  who  will vote to grow the district, to grow our schools, community colleges  and WIU.

This district deserves a member of the Illinois House who fights for the hardworking men, women, and families. That's why I'm announcing my candidacy for State Representative in the 71st District.

I want to be a Representative who says yes to growth and opportunity.

Illinois had a change in leadership in November that brought bold ideas to move Illinois forward.

When you invest in working men and women with a higher minimum wage you begin to grow your workforce. When you invest in higher education, which the new budget does, you show our young people they are valued. For too long other states have recruited our young talent. We learned the hard way, when they go away, they stay away.

And when you do all that, invest in workforce, invest in education and training, and invest in infrastructure, business leaders realize that Illinois is serious about building a strong economy. 

That’s a path to a stronger 71st district and a stronger Illinois.

In fact, Deputy House Republican Leader Tom Demmer told Sauk Valley Media that passing infrastructure dollars to boost the economy was one of the session’s highlights. Rep. Demmer and other Republicans were joined by Rep. Mike Halpin and other Democrats who did the right thing. 

Rep. McCombie stated her reason to vote No was because Whiteside County wasn’t included. I ask why? If you are a strong leader, you make sure there is funding for Routes 2, 30 and 78. That’s what a strong, effective representative does. As State Rep, I will make sure Whiteside and all counties in the 71st are included in any future capital bills. 

My friends, your votes are your values. In the end this campaign comes down to a very simple question--Do you want a State Rep who will work tirelessly to grow the district, or a representative who puts partisanship over people? 

I think you deserve a state rep who will help this district grow and I would be honored to have your support and I will work hard to earn it. I will immediately begin holding  “Grow the 71st “ meetings throughout the region to listen, learn and develop an action agenda. 

I'm asking you to join me on this campaign, and to advocate for me, for you, and for all of us.