Together we can make a difference. I ask for your ideas. I need your vote.

 I am officially on the ballot to run for State Representative in the 71st District! I know that 2017 was a rough year for many families in the state of Illinois. I’m working hard to be able to change the direction of our state to protect hard working families.

I made my announcement in September after much self-reflection and inquiry from those I respect and love. I did not come to this decision lightly.  The encouragement and support by so many of you has been wonderful. What has brought me to this point is that I care and I love my community.

As the Executive Director of Home of Hope, I understand how the state of Illinois was impacted without a budget for two years. I sat in on networking meetings hearing about how the lack of funds from the State were causing agencies real problems. The lack of funds were hurting the very people these programs were supposed to be supporting. The state of Illinois under the leadership of Governor Rauner has resulted in the state to be in disarray for too long. I believe we should and can do better. This is just one of many challenges I want to focus on. We need change. 

My purpose is to listen and gather your cares and concerns, taking them down to Springfield and putting them into action. Together we can make a difference. I ask for your ideas. I need your support. My values are born of the Midwest: respect, honesty, hard work and love of neighbor. I believe in promoting strengths, addressing weaknesses, celebrating successes and learning from failures. With your support I can take these values to Springfield and bring positive change to Illinois. 


Joan Padilla